Let’s Talk, Emergencies!

A Guide to Life-Saving Lessons in
Kid-Friendly Language.

About the Book!

Does your child know how to get help from a locked cell phone screen? Or where to meet outside if there's a fire in the home? Imagine the confidence of knowing your child can handle an emergency with capability and knowledge. That's the empowering takeaway from this important book, Let's Talk, Emergencies!

This book breaks down lifesaving lessons tailored specifically for kids. From dialing 9-1-1 from a locked cell phone to memorizing crucial personal information, this book guides you through creating a safety-savvy youngster. It weaves understanding what trust is, what secrets should not be kept, and how to avoid potential emergencies into the conversation, ensuring your little ones understand the importance of preparation in a way that sticks. Let's Talk, Emergencies! is a practice session for you and your young ones to learn together. By the end of this book, you will be equipped with a blueprint for teaching your kids the ins and outs of emergency preparedness, giving you peace of mind, and giving your child a sense of security and independence.

You will love these whimsical illustrations of caring parents trying to prepare their son for potentially dangerous situations, while his mischievous little sister is wreaking havoc in the background. Have fun spotting what trouble she is causing and searching for the numbers, “9,” “1,” and “1” woven into each picture! Can you find them all? Make this book part of your bedtime reading routine to promote engaging discussion and to solidify lessons that really matter.

Let’s Talk, Emergencies! is in the pre-launch phase, with an expected release date of July 1, 2024. Reserve your copy today!

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Meet Cheryl!

Cheryl is a mom of two, who recently left her career of 16 years to homeschool her children. In February of 2023, she started a podcast, The Homeschool How To, interviewing homeschooling families, to learn all the ways homeschooling can be done and has been delving into the world of curriculum ever since. What she realized is that there is a gap between what parents believe schools are teaching and what schools view as parental responsibilities- and in a world where landline phones are a distant memory and cell phones have the ability to lock, Cheryl decided that it was time to bridge the gap between what we assume kids are learning- and what they absolutely need to know.

Cheryl transitioned her efforts from writing her memoir, which she has been working on for over a decade, to writing a children's book about how to get help in emergency situations. Cheryl's passions have shifted from career woman to stay-at-home mom, immersing herself in learning all about homeschooling, homemaking, and self-sufficiency. She invites you to join her on her journey by following her Instagram page.

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Our Reviews!

Olivia D. Direct Support Worker for Children with Autism

This book is so cute! It's designed specifically for little minds as a great introduction to safety procedures. As someone who works with children on the spectrum, the bright colors and flow of the rhymes keep the kids engaged and they particularly like the practice parts. I can't wait to give as gifts!

Kate G. Mom and Former Speech Pathologist

Great resource! Really breaks down the concepts for my son to grasp. Love the interactive pieces as well. Recommend for a variety of ages.

Justine U. Mom of two

Really enjoyed reading this book. It will be very helpful in teaching my boys how to react in emergency situations. I also really like the interactive sections of the book, which will help reinforce the topic being covered.

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